Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uh... what work?

SO. When I said I had 8 hours of driving to work on the Halcyon, it turns out I actually had 4 hours (gotta split the driving time with the guy) all of which got taken up with grading papers. I'm not sure if I like the summer gig, the class is great but it's so fast-paced (and the money is always welcome in these times). I'm finding it difficult to do anything else but crash after I get home on the days I teach, and then I'm playing grading catch-up on the weekends.

I promise, pictures of the sweater pieces soon. What do you all think: should I block the sleeves and front and back individually before sewing it together and knitting the neckband, or should I just wait and block the whole thing when it's done?

In the meantime, follow this link for cute kittens (yes I will do anything to distract from my lack of knitting progress).

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Karen said...

the link reminds me of the beginning of through the looking glass when Alice spends all that time describing Dina cleaning her kittens