Thursday, July 30, 2009


Victoria Island

Dear Canada,

We had a fabulous trip this week. Thanks for being so welcoming, and allowing two wonderful people to join their lives together. My home country is still coming around to the idea, and I am so very grateful that you are wise enough to recognize their marriage. Thank you also for providing the world with such amazing natural beauty, I found it truly breathtaking. Your contributions to the fiber arts world are many and impressive: it was easier to find yarn and spinning fiber here than anywhere else I've traveled to. Also, I really appreciate that you have such an amazing spokespersonfor your country and fiber arts in general. Reading her blog made me feel like I had insider information, and I think I appeared really smart about things Canadian in front of my other American friends (if a little obsessed with her blog in particular). You showed us a good time, and I'm sure I'll be visiting again. I'm proud that my country is next door to you, and I'll try my best to be a good neighbor, in whatever limited capacity I can manage on my own.



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Anonymous said...

Dear Starry Knit:

Please come again soon. We love having you fondle our fiber. The yarn harlot is our national obsession - we are so proud of her.