Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Day Blues

Yesterday we had a big ol' 4th of July bash to attend in the afternoon, so I got up early to spin some and get myself off to a good start. I kinda hoped I'd be able to spin and blog the spinning before we left, but it was not to be (I'm sure nobody wanted to read the post that was forming in my brain around 1AM last night). So here's my first day's progress, the Arabian Nights wool silk all prepped:

Arabian Nights Silk/Wool

And spun into thick-and-thin singles:

Arabian Nights Thick-n-Thin

It only took me about an hour to spin both bobbins, and maybe half an hour of prep and wheel cleaning beforehand. It makes me think that perhaps my problem with spinning (or knitting, for that matter) is that I no longer have large chunks of time to devote to a single activity. By the time I got to the second bobbin, pulling a big tuft of fiber into the drafting zone every now and then was becoming second nature, and it was a real treat to get two whole bobbins worth of yarn in such a short time, when my last two spinning projects have been laceweight yarns!

Today we're visiting with family and probably not returning home until dinnertime, so it's a spindle grading day. I have a stack of homework that needs to get done, and I'm bargaining with myself that if I get through the whole pile before going home, then I can allow myself to spin all evening. I am also allowed to look for a beautiful shiny binding thread to ply the singles with while I'm out and about today.

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