Friday, July 3, 2009

Anticipation and More Tour Training

So I've got my 6 bobbins all emptied this morning, and I realized that I desperately need to blog/knit/do something to keep myself from starting my Tour de Fleece spinning too early! Yesterday I finished up one spinning project that I started a while ago, and am very excited about:

Spinning for Artichaut

This is "The Silent Undergrowth" Falklands wool from the Verb fiber club. I'm very glad I didn't decide to make this project part of my Tour de Fleece goal, because it was a bit of a time suck and I wanted to take it slow with the spinning. I mentioned that I knew the color was perfect for Anne Hanson's latest Twist Collective shawl pattern, but when I spun up the first 3 ounces, I didn't really get enough yardage to do the full shawl. So I put the word out there on Ravelry that I was looking for more, and would trade another club shipment so I could spin a double-dose for Artichaut. Another awesome Raveler came through, and now I have just over 1,000 yards of yarn! The weight of my yarn is actually somewhere between the two weights the pattern calls for. It's written for either a fingering weight yarn at 100 yards per ounce with a size 7 needle, or a laceweight yarn at 312 yards per ounce with a size 3 needle. Mine worked out to be around 180 yards per ounce. So as far as the weight goes, I'm going to pretty much split the difference and knit in size 5 needles, and just knit until I run out of yarn. The second skein of yarn is drying as I type, so maybe I'll cast this on once the knitting on the Halcyon is finished.

In other news, I wanted to officially announce my intentions known for tomorrow's grand beginning. As per yesterday's preliminary rules, I have three categories of spinning that I will accomplish as part of this year's Tour De Fleece:

Tour De Fleece 2009 Goal

1. Spin for specific projects. I have earmarked 25.4 ounces of Pigeonroof Studios fiber in various wools (BFL, Merino, SW Merino, and Shetland) and various colorways (Millefiore, Circus, Calla, Persimmon, and Cornucopia), to be spun in a worsted/heavy worsted weight for the Danish Heather Shawl. Additionally, the Sanguine Gryphon wool/silk blend will become another thick & thin yarn so I can have a deliciously bouncy Morning Surf scarf all my own.

2. Spin on a spindle, so I can keep spinning every day of the tour even when I don't have my wheel. There are two projects here, one with a project in mind and the other without. I'll be spinning my 2 ounces of Tactile BFL (in "Dew") for the Verdigris pattern on my Cascade Ranier spindle, and the lovely 3.4-ounce jewel-colored batt from Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill on the good old dependable Maggie spindle.

3. Spin for the joy of spinning. Here my sub-goal is also to spin up more of my Hello Yarn fiber, so I've got three 4-ounce bundles to be spun as the mood takes me, without committing to a specific project. Two are club fiber shipments, and one is some merino/mohair blend that I was lucky enough to get during a shop update.

The overarching goal of all this is to reduce my stash, and this is where my declaration gets really scary. If I spin all this, I'm cutting the fiber stash in half. Yup. Half. Whew. Is it just me, or is it a little stuffy in here? Maybe I need to sit down. Pre-draft some fiber into little bundles for spinning tomorrow morning. See you in the morning, I kinda like this blogging every day thing!

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