Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Tour Update

So I still haven't gotten plying thread, but I've started spinning a bobbin of Hello Yarn Wool/Mohair in the "Ripe Olives" Colorway:

Hello Yarn Merino/Mohair: Ripe Olives

I got inspired by another Raveler's project, who knit a lovely lace shawl by splitting off individual colors from a multicolored roving and spun one long color transition. So over the weekend I spent a bit of time making these on my handcards:

Ripe Olives Rolags

I think I'll leave the yarn as a single, so I don't have to worry about one more thing to ply (or with splitting the fiber any more than I already have). I also got about halfway through the Tactile BFL on one of my drop spindles, and began the second half. I was a silly nilly and didn't read the Verdigris pattern too carefully before beginning to spin, and my singles are too thick to make a two-ply. On the other hand, I think this fiber will look pretty good as a single and in the pattern.

In knitting news, I've finished the Rainbow Brite socks. I haven't been able to accost the significant other to take my picture with them on, so we did it at knit night on Tuesday: check it out here on the Pink Viking's flickr. Plus, I am just about ready to start sewing up Halcyon! I think I'm going to baste the pieces together (hopefully this weekend) and decide if I want to add an extra cable repeat on the sleeves. I think I'll have enough yarn to do so, and if it's the difference between wearing the sweater more often, then it'll be worth the wait!

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Tracey said...

the rainbows socks are amazing! sorry i missed the photo shoot.