Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Booger.

In my excitement after finishing the fleece spinning (knock on wood), I made a big push to get my two smaller projects off the needles. You know, clear the air before starting a large garment. One of those was that pair of gloves I started at the end of December. I got back from knit night tonight, thinking that the index finger looked a little stumpy, but maybe it was just the poor lighting. As I rummaged through my knitting bag to find a third needle, I realized I'd knit the ENTIRE SECOND GLOVE on US 1's instead of US 2's.

I don't know if I have enough yarn to just leave this as is and knit a third glove.

Mohair is not known for being easy to rip out.

Time for another beer.


Janice said...

Oh noes! And you can't even blame it on the Leprechauns. You have my sympathy.

Tracey said...

yikes!! i'll buy you the beer. or how about another skein of yarn? you can make one more glove on 1s (2.25mm or 2.5) and one on 2s. 1s should fit me just fine.

Erica said...

oh no!!! I totally feel your pain! they are gorgeous, gorgeous gloves. :)