Saturday, March 14, 2009

Being sick is lame, but at least I could knit

So first the significant other got sick (this was two weeks ago), then I got sick about three days after he recovered. And by recovered, I mean that most of his symptoms were replaced with a persistent cough. Now, I may be reaching the coughing stage. So neither of us were sleeping well, and last weekend was mostly devoted to chilling out, doing laundry, and catching up on sleep. In the meantime, I've been knitting mitered squares. Behold, square #19:
Medium Blue Square

square #20:
Butter Yellow Square

and square #21:
Deep Green Square

I've got them all in one Flickr set so that, when I'm done with the knitting, I can drag the pictures around and get a feel for what the entire blanket will look like. I'll definitely have enough yarn to do a 6 squares by 6 squares blanket, and it's nice to be making headway on this project again.

I am thisclose to being finished spinning my fleece! And by finished, I mean that I will have enough yarn for a cabled sweater, not that I will have spun up the entire fleece. Remember way back when I separated out the darkest and lightest locks from the rest of the bunch? Yeah, that fell by the wayside. I spun up all the middle-gray locks, and was about 300 yards short of my spinning goal for the sweater. Hopefully my makeshift blending of light and dark locks won't be too obvious in this last skein. I am cutting it pretty close on the yardage, but I think I'll be okay. I'm about 85% sure that I want to knit the
Halcyon Aran (second link is to Ravelry). Instead of doing the pattern exactly as written, I am already planning on shortening the sweater by a few inches, probably by taking out one repeat of the large center cable. 26 and a half inches (the length as written) would put the lower hem of the sweater below my butt, which wasn't a good look for me in the late 80's and isn't any better now. Plus, I figure this will be a heavier garment and it'll stretch a little under its own weight. I've got one more bobbin of singles that will get plied back on itself (hopefully this weekend), so next week I can start swatching! Hooray! I'm so excited to think I might actually have taken this project from raw fleece to finished sweater in a year. Given my timing, I'll probably finish the sweater in June...

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