Friday, December 5, 2008

I've got a fever

and the only cure is more cow(bel)l.

Ok, so I am being a selfish knitter this holiday season. Originally intending to knit items for about half of the people on my gift list, I've now cut it down to three or four. Partly, this is because I went to the Bazaar Bizarre on Sunday and found great gifts for people that I hadn't been expecting to find. These were also mostly folks who'd either gotten fabulous knits last year, wouldn't get too excited about receiving a handknit gift, or in one case, can knit something themselves. So I don't feel too bad about not making them something. They're all still getting fabulous (or hilarious) presents anyway.

So the significant other, the sibling, and I all decided that we didn't really want to deal with so much traffic on Sunday, so we got up at 4 AM to beat the rush. It worked, and that's how I was able to make it to the BazBiz at all. I was excited to be there, but more than a little exhausted. I didn't really need any more spinning fiber. I blame my falling-down at Verb's booth on the tiredness. Yeah. That's it. It wasn't my fault.

So more that one member of our knitting circle has made/is making a fabulous cowl. So when I saw the Merino/Baby Camel blend, I knew just what to do. Some fast, easy, bulky spinning for a project where gauge wouldn't be an issue. This is the real reason I love Ravelry: I had a pattern idea within 2 minutes of searching, the Gloria Cowl. I'm already done with the first seed stitch band. I wonder if I could finish it before leaving tomorrow morning for Verb's Grand Opening? I guess this is what I needed or wanted, to balance out the craziness of the last week of the semester: some simple, soft, non-fiddly, instant gratification knitting.

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