Friday, November 28, 2008

Stash Update, Part 2

And we're back from a second helping of turkey leftovers! Yesterday I was talking about new stash, and then promised you all a projects update, both of which require a little bit of context. Let me set the scene. So, we drove from the Bay Area to Orange County (yes that Orange County) for Thanksgiving, which is actually a bit unusual for us. Typically we spend the weekend with the significant other's family, which is a heckuva lot closer. Less holiday traffic and all. But this year we decided that since we didn't get to see my family that much this year between the business trips and Germany that we'd do Thanksgiving there to make up for it. Also, my folks recently took a trip to Toronto and wanted to show us pictures and souvenirs and whatnot.

Now, my mom was very brave in Toronto. They go on a trip about once every other year visiting places all across the globe for a professional conference that my dear old dad attends, and they like to get us kids a souvenir. Sometimes these work out really well (my sister got an awesome blanket from when they went to Germany) and sometimes not so much. This time, my mom just flat-out asked me what I would like her to bring me from Toronto. I said something about a famous blogger/author living there (those of you who are here for the knitting content already know who I'm talking about), and how she frequents this one yarn store, and wouldn't it be cool to have yarn from that yarn store, and to support local Toronto businesses, and how I'd have plenty of art posters and typical souvenir stuff from my travels in Germany. To make a long story short, my awesome mother made a pilgrimage to Lettuce Knit" to buy me yarn.

It was fabulous. I didn't know what she would get, but I knew it would be good. It turned out to be a little shocking because she actually called me from inside the store! I giggled a bit when she said "There's a lot of yarn here!" but I remembered that the first trip to a yarn shop can be a little overwhelming, and tried to be more helpful and think of a yarn that they'd probably have there but that would be harder for me to find locally. And I came up with the Fleece Artist brand. She got me two skeins, one each of Blue Face Aran (in Ivory ?) and Scotian Silk (in some deep plummy red color I can't identify). That's just what was for me. In addition, she apparently saw a store sample of some fingerless gloves and thought that it would be nice to have a pair for driving, so she picked out two skeins of Misti Organic Cotton (one a light tan and the other with one ply white and one ply dark brown) for me to use to make her fingerless gloves. The skeins of Fleece Artist are big (400 yards each!) and squishy. I keep petting them. They might have gravy on them by the end of the weekend.

Anyway, on to the project update. I found buttons for the February Lady sweater, and we didn't even have to go to San Diego to get them! Last weekend we took an impromptu day trip down to Stinson Beach, and managed to squeeze in a visit to Blue Bird Yarns in Sausalito. It's a new shop, but very cute and within walking distance of the rest of downtown Sausalito. They had a nice selection of yarn, including some brands that I don't see often in the city, so I will definitely be back. While the significant other made friends with the ladies knitting in the shop, I poked through their button boxes and found just what I had in mind: about 1-inch diameter circular wooden buttons. They got sewn on that evening.

Next: Remember this combo?
Orange and Brown

Well, I have decided what it must become: a smaller project that will turn into a Christmas gift for someone who reads the blog, so I can't show you photos of the progress or tell you the name of the project. The recipient is not on Ravelry though, so once I have some photos, I'll link you all over there to check it out. I was packing up on Wednesday morning, stuffing projects into my tote bag, when I realized that my two current works-in-progress were gifts intended for family members I would be hanging out with all weekend. Ack! Emergency project required: into my bag I stuffed my Tigget's Hollow Wensleydale yarn, some sock needles, and the book A Fine Fleece. I realized on Thursday that I don't know exactly how much yardage I have in the skein, so I have no idea if my plans for the Ancient Oak socks will actually see me past the heel turn, but I'm hoping I can at least get little ankle socks out of the skein. No pictures yet, but they are coming along nicely.

The good news is that I finished the other secret project today, which means I meant that I could give my mom her birthday present on time, and that I can now share it with you without fear. Here's the Rivendell socks in all their lovely green glory:

Rivendell Socks

Details recap: Most of one skein of Sundara Sock yarn in the colorway "Pine over Gold", pattern is the Rivendell Socks. I used Addi Turbos in 2.75 mm for the cuff and instep and 2.0 mm for the heel flap, heel turn, sole, and toes. Originally I had planned on using 2.5's for the upper parts, but it was completely my fault for having shoddy yarn storage habits. For the rest of the weekend I'll just have to settle with squeezing the Fleece Artist skeins and knitting furiously on the other gift project in secret.

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the Lady said...

How exciting, yarn from Lettuce Knit! Beautiful socks.