Sunday, November 9, 2008


Short post today, as I'm in the middle of finishing my fleece washing. It's a good thing, too, before we really get into the wet season here, otherwise I'd have to wait weeks for the locks to dry.

I finished winding and measuring my new cotton yarn:


It's about 190 yards, a heavy worsted to aran weight yarn. But it's got that beautiful smoothness of a cotton yarn. I'm still deciding whether or not to boil it to finish it, but in the end I don't think I will.

I also finished carding all my rolags:

Shetland/Black BFL blend rolags

Here they are all laid out, waiting to be spun. I've decided to do a 3-ply yarn. I roughly divided the rolags of each color into three piles, and each bobbin will be spun red-orange-brown-blue, and plied together in the same color order. Hopefully there will be large stretches of solid color, with some blending near the joins.

I'm almost done with the body of the February Lady sweater, but the significant other is picking up a new lens today and has absconded with the camera so I have no action shots yet.

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