Friday, April 4, 2008

Slow Progress + No Pictures = Boring Post

I'm up past the waist in the body of my Tangled Yoke cardigan, past the ribbing. The new picture would look eerily similar to the last one I posted, so I'm not going to bother. Besides, I'm alone for the weekend, and the significant other has absconded with the good digital camera. I tried to take pictures of my new beautiful BFL braids, but the color is completely off. I'm sure it has everything to do with my inability to navigate the camera's settings menu, and nothing to do with the fact that this camera is a good 5 years older than the other one. I also seem to have lost all my ability to hold still for half a second while the shutter is open -- half my shots came out blurry! So no pictures this time, sorry guys.

Since my last post, I've been doing some house-cleaning as far as my knitting and spinning is concerned. We rearranged the furniture so I have a little corner area in the living room. I've got a chair and my spinning wheel, some storage space for my fiber and some of my yarn stash are there, and I also put all my knitting books and magazines on one bookshelf within arm's reach. It's really cute, and as a result I want to spin all the time. So far I've been pretty much forced to limit myself to one wheel project at a time due to the lack of bobbins. That's probably a good thing, otherwise I'd never knit anything.

I also spent a few good hours working through my mitered square blanket. I'm making the blanket pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting, using Tahki Cotton Classic. I've bought every purple, blue, green, and yellow color I've seen and I'm up to about 40 skeins. Each skein makes about 2.5 squares, and I'm looking at somewhere between 100 and 140 squares before the blanket is as big as I want it. This is the blanket I mentioned in the previous post, and I think the blog will help me git 'er done (to quote the Ladies Themselves, Ann and Kay). I photographed all the squares, but the pictures were stupidly not uploaded by yours truly, and are currently still on the memory card in the camera, hopefully making new friends and keeping the significant other company. I also updated my excel spreadsheet, which I use to keep track of how much each color has been used. I got reacquainted with the project, which has been languishing since Christmas, and planned out the next few squares.

I did spin this week, because I got my new tensioned lazy kate. I feel the handspun has to have a proper photo shoot, though, before I can really talk about it. So stay tuned.

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