Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mid-week update!

Yay, I'm managing to do an update in the middle of the week! The photos have been rescued from the digital camera, so now I can share the singles from my second 4-ounce bump of Bitter Orange south african fine wool from Pigeonroof Studios:


I think the singles for this batch are much more even than the first batch, but I'll be sure after I've done the plying. I plan on finishing the singles tonight so I can ply before the weekend, and wash and dry this weekend. This yarn is probably going to be socks, but I saw a clapotis in the wild last week and now I'm not so sure... I do need another dark brown scarf, since I lost my old one a few years back.

The bobbin is on my new lazy kate, which is very nice. It's much better than the wonky contraption I rigged using a cardboard box with holes punched through it and pens holding the bobbins in place. Blech. I love having an attractive way to store the empty/unused bobbins, too.

The significant other was kind enough to play photographer and took some pictures of me while spinning on my ladybug. This first one has a nice view of my hands as I'm drafting the fiber (inchworm drafting for worsted), and I think it's cool to see how the flyer is blurred in the photo as it spins around the bobbin.

Drafting & Spinning

Significant other insisted that we take a picture of the fiber, the ladybug on my wheel, and my feet.

Spinning (feet view)

There isn't a lot of fiber in the picture because I was almost at the end of that strip of roving. It's a cute setup, but the color of the fiber is way off in the photo (I think he was using the flash).

I have to say that I ADORE having a spinning wheel! This morning I had a few minutes free before leaving for work, and I was able to just slip my shoes off and spin for two minutes before walking out the door. I think it really helped center me mentally before starting my day. It's definitely still the honeymoon period, though. I'm still working on all the little tricks that will get the wheel to do what I want. But I have a deep and abiding love for everything in my fiber stash, so the learning is (so far) always enjoyable and I get great yarn at the end!

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