Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smith! (Or, my continuing obsession with Ysolda)

Okay, so I entered Ysolda's Hedgehog contest. This morning I opened my email to find that I got the right number of hedgehogs!!!

And then I realized (belatedly) that I already own a copy of the adorable Smith pattern, since it's part of the Whimsical Little Knits 2 collection. So I've decided to pass the good karma along, and give away my own copy of the Smith pattern. Share the love, right? Here's the contest:

What pattern did I use to knit my wedding shawl (the white shawl in Ysolda's hedgehog contest blog post)? Leave a comment with your answer!

Multiple correct answers will be decided by random number generator, and I'll close the contest at 9:30AM tomorrow (PST).

1 comment:

Janice said...

I remembered that it was your handspun laceweight, and I remember you knitting with beads. But I couldn't remember the name. I had to do some, ahem, research, to find that the pattern in Aphrodite by Silvia Harding.

Are you going to put a photo in your projects of your wedding day?