Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yet Another Verb Event

Dear Kristine,

Did you know you have the most amazing yarn shop ever? I love it so much, it sometimes makes me sad that I live on the other side of the bay. I know that lately I've only been there during some truly momentous events, and I should come by when the shop is a little quieter so we can catch up properly. But your events are always spectacular. There's usually great food, and last night was no exception.

Ravelry Verb Party

The cookies were delicious and adorable, and I MUST find out where the heart-shaped mini brie came from.

Ravelry Verb Party

But, this time you've gone too far by carrying artisan chocolate in the store.

Ravelry Verb Party

And you've had some truly amazing guests, too:

Ravelry Verb Party

Of course, they always seem to adore Cleo. I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

Ravelry Verb Party

Do you know what really made my heart soar last night? It wasn't finding the little mini hedgehog from Ysolda's post (that post, by the way, mentions a fun contest and features a beautiful photo of a beautiful white beaded wedding shawl with said hedgehog perched on it).

Ravelry Verb Party

It wasn't stuffing myself full of delicious food and good beer (beer with sheep on the label, no less!).

Ravelry Verb Party

It wasn't even talking with you or Frecklegirl/Jess about the sense of community that you have worked so hard to build through events like these, and the brilliant Ravelry Stitches West passport/scavenger hunt of 2008. It was watching the community grow, one knitter at a time:

Ravelry Verb Party

He's not picking out yarn for me, he's contemplating yarn for himself. That was the best part, the part that made this knitter's heart soar on Valentine's Day.



P.S. You can bet that I will be back this weekend looking for one of those rare skeins of yarn you have with a label signed by Ysolda. The obsession is not over!

Ravelry Verb Party


alex said...

lovely heart cookies..

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Kerryellen said...

Looks like such a fun event/store! Are you teaching Immy to knit? Zach had showed interest but I'm not a great teacher so it didn't exactly work out... I hope all is well for both of you :)