Friday, January 7, 2011

An... tici... (say it! say it!) pation!

So here's what's coming up in the next week or two:

1. Tomorrow I'm having tea with some lovely ladies. Our purpose is threefold: eat cucumber sandwiches, gab about knitting, and look fabulous.

2. I can go back to Purl Jam on a regular basis. Hooray for no Tuesday evening class assignment this semester, and having my knitting support group back!

3. There are another few days before the new semester gets into full swing to spend time with my lovely Christmas present. (Note: this isn't my actual yarn bowl, but it's the same colors as mine.)

4. Blake is on his way back from Morro Fleece Works! As a refresher, here's a very blurry photo:


I heard back today that the box will ship on Tuesday. This ought to keep me from buying any more fiber like these batts or gradation spinning kits or naturally colored anything.

5. In exactly one week, the fabulous Ysolda is coming to Verb!!! I'm incredibly excited, and I have to decide what to wear and what to knit. For wearing, my choices are Damson:

Green Damson


Thunderstorm Tam

and the Peaks Island Hood:


I'm leaning towards the hat right now, but mostly that's because it's the pattern with fewest projects on Ravelry out of the three. I got so excited last night when Kristine floated the idea on the Verb forums that I cast on some old stash yarn for Nathaniel, a squirrel-shaped cushion. That'll be coming with me to tea tomorrow afternoon. But I'm thinking for the actual talk, I'm either going to cast on for the Snapdragon Flip-tops in this yarn:

Navy Fat Sock

It's not the same yarn as my hat, but I think the color is close enough to tosh's Thunderstorm and the occasion of meeting such a famous knit designer warrants my first project in the delightful Hello Yarn Fat Sock base. Following similar logic (beautiful, functional pattern in an equally gorgeous yarn) my other option is another pair of Veylas, in another very special yarn:

Anny Blatt Absolu Angora

Anny Blatt Absolu Angora

... wait for it...

Anny Blatt Absolu Angora

The most amazing angora yarn ever. I mean, they packaged it in individual boxes to preserve the fluffiness. I can hardly take it! But at least I'll have plenty of knitting to tide me over until next Friday.

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Tracey said...

ysolda at verb? wow! i vote wear all three and take lots of photos.