Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've got everything ready for tomorrow. The camera is packed in my purse (I really need to be a good blogger and take lots of photos). My copy of Whimsical Little Knits 1 has been retrieved from the knitting bookshelf, ready to be signed. I've decided on what I'll wear: My Snapdragon tam, and my blue Pomatomus socks. Oh, didn’t you hear? Cookie A is going to be speaking tomorrow, too! It’s going to be an awesome event, I just know it. In case you haven't seen the announcement on Ravelry, here's the details for the event:

When: Friday, January 14th, 2011
What: 4:30pm Ysolda will talk and answer questions
5:30-6pm Ysolda and Cookie book signing
6-8pm Artist Reception celebrating the work of Sonya Phillip
Where: A Verb for Keeping Warm, 6328 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA, 510-595-verb

I've got something to keep my hands warm tomorrow:

Snapdragon Mitts

something to squish while I watch tv, waiting to get tired enough to sleep:

Nathaniel Pillow

and something to tide me over craft-wise tonight while I decide what to cast on for next:

Blake Fleece

Blake Fleece

Blake Fleece

The color is best on that last photo, and the processing was worth every penny. I've got a little bit of plying to clear off the bobbins, and then it's going to be lots and lots of dark brown on the wheel for a really long time.

The only thing I have left to plan for tomorrow is what I'll be knitting. I'm a little hesitant to cast on the Veyla mitts, as I want something I can knit and not have to pay too much attention to. I don't want to be distracted by a chart. I'm thinking that perhaps the famous Ishbel in Verb's Creating or perhaps in handspun would be good? I probably would still be on the stockinette portion, I highly doubt I'll be on the lacey part Some Polwarth Wee Mushrooms? While I was rooting through my stash looking for matches between a Verb yarn and an Ysolda pattern, I was very much struck by how complementary they are! No wonder I love her patterns so much.

Oh, I forgot one more thing I have to plan: what to ask during the Q&A. What do you guys think?


Tracey said...

all of a sudden, i'm feeling very unorganized.

your fleece looks gorgeous!

Timeshare said...

Nice design.