Friday, July 30, 2010

Signing off for now...

I know what you're thinking. "She never usually TELLS us when she's going to stop blogging for two or three weeks." But I guess I will this time, since I know about the pause in advance, rather than the absence being due to sheer laziness.

We had this week off work to wrap up last-minute details, see out-of-town family, and chill out a bit. I've been working on the Bernhart cardigan, which has been flying along. I decided on a whim to knit the edging before starting the sleeves, which is totally backwards for me. I'm doing this because I've had my eye on one or two cap-sleeved cardigan patterns (Redhook by Jared Flood comes to mind), and I want to visualize how this would look on me before I start daydreaming about those projects.

Muir Woods

We also took a hike in Muir Woods to get away from everything.

Muir Woods

The significant other had a moment of recognition, as he knew some people from Troop 80 (he was in Troop 12 back in his boy scouting days).

Muir Woods

This hike was the best idea ever.

Muir Woods

We took a slightly more strenuous trail than we would usually pick, which was very rewarding. It was just sunny enough for us to work up a sweat, and we sat on a rock in a tiny meadow at our destination before returning (rather quickly, going downhill) back to civilization.

Muir Woods

It gave us space to be peaceful, to think, and to process the fact that we'll be married on Saturday. I'll be back in August with more pictures of Hawaii than I'll know what to do with.


wildtomato said...

May you have a beautiful wedding and a blissful honeymoon! Congratulations!

Tracey said...

have a wonderful weekend and enjoy hawaii together! we'll be thinking of you tomorrow.