Monday, June 28, 2010

Open Letter to Temecula, CA

Dear Temecula,

First of all, thanks for being within driving distance. It would have been tough to squeeze one more plane flight out of our budget this summer, and although the drive was long we were happy to spend the time to save the cash. Thank you for having perfect weather. I didn't get sunburned, but as a resident of Fog City I was very grateful to be able to stock up on vitamin D two weekends ago. Thanks, also, for being well outside Los Angeles proper so that the significant other and I had a minimum of bad traffic to deal with. Finally, thanks for producing such a beautiful, kind, funny, caring, energetic, and all-around amazing partner for my little brother. Nobody else would do, and you hit the mark perfectly.

My family thanks you for your part in this new addition to our ranks. Both my little brother and my significant other independently told me the same sweet thing that afternoon, which I think sums up the joy and anticipation I'm feeling right now as the days wind down to the end of July. They each said how excited they are for my (our) wedding because they were both the only boy in their immediate families, and couldn't wait to really have a brother.



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