Friday, March 12, 2010

All I do is take cat pictures

It's true. That's mostly because knitting on the shawl is long, and progress doesn't look like much these days. I'm excited that I seem to finally be getting a handle on placing beads with some proficiency, but on a good evening I'm cranking out three or four rows total. So I break out the camera to take knitting photos, and realize that I'm trying to starve the stash into submission (which means very little new yarn), and my knitting looks basically the same as it did the last time I took pictures. So instead, I end up with lots of pictures like this:


Additionally, taking pictures of what I do have is a very exciting activity around here. So exciting that SOMEbody just can't keep their paws to themselves.


I'll probably have to get something new to line my lightbox with. I'm limiting myself to finishing the shawl before I can start something else (ANYTHING else! I have startitis like you would not BELIEVE), but that somehow didn't extend to spinning. In the past few weeks, a few skeins of yarn have come off the bobbins unexpectedly. First up, some slightly multi-colored pink merino I got in our stash exchange:

Dragonfly Merino

My commercial-spun stash is lacking in chunky yarns, so I did a nice healthy n-ply. It's 4 ounces, and super-squishy. I forgot to measure the yardage, but I'd guess at around 110 yards. Now I just have to resist the urge to make another snail hat.

Next up, another n-ply, this time heavy-worsted. I really enjoyed spinning this blend, which is new to me (Merino, Nylon, and Bamboo).

Hello Yarn Grim

Again, haven't measured the yardage, but this is a little thinner than the pink skein, so I'd guess around 150 to 175 yards. I'm thinking I'll combine this as an accent color in another project with some nice mallard blue-green Cascade 220 I have in the stash. Or maybe another cowl... it'll be nice to see if it stripes nicely.

Finally, a spinning project that I conceived of over a year ago. I finally got around to spinning and plying these two fibers:

AVFKW Wooly Wonders Fiber Club Targhee

Verb Fiber Club Hibiscus

and ended up with this 2-ply:

Lovely Hibiscus

It's fabulous, and since it's 6 ounces, I think I'll do a simple triangular shawl. In the meantime, gotta clean up the photo area before the lightbox starts getting chewed.



Lakin said...

ohh, he's a model alright..and he knows it. mighty cute! The shawl is progressing, too.

Tracey said...

gorgeous handspun! can't wait to see how the shawl turned out. :)