Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parade of FO's

Here's what happens when you have two and a half weeks off with no blogging:

Fingerless Gloves
Pattern: Toast
Yarn: Handspun Wool/Seawool/Milk Protein from Creatively Dyed
Abalone Fingerless Glvoes

Another Cowl
Pattern: Loose Interpretation of Dolores Park Cowl
Yarn: "Night Sky" Hello Yarn Fiber Club handspun superwash BFL
Night Sky Cowl

Yet Another Cowl
Pattern: Same as above
Yarn: "Manka's Thicket" Verb Fiber Club handspun black BFL plied with purple silk hankies
Manka's Thicket Cowl

Finish Line #1: Tour de Fleece
Tour de Fleece Finish Line

I didn't finish my Tour goals, but this is how far I got. I had a plying party when I got back from Vancouver, so the all the balls of singles are now finished skeins waiting for a soak. I did some more spinning over the last two weeks to bring myself up to my goal level. These are both Hello Yarn, the first one is "Five Plum Pie" Falklands and the second one is "Illuminated" Wensleydale.

Five Plum Pie

Illuminated Wensleydale

And finally, Finish Line #2: the Halcyon
Nearly Finished Halcyon

It's so close to being done I can almost taste it. The neckline needs a tubular bindoff, ends need weaving in, and then the whole thing gets a good dunk. I can hardly wait for fall so I can wear it!


Kerryellen said...

Hey Jess! Your knitting is gorgeous! I've started knitting again (though I still haven't finished the socks I started 3 years ago at Aunt Lakin's. I've got one done, and hopefully I'll pick up the second sock to do soon. Anyways, just wanted to say hi, I miss you all, and hopefully I'll be getting out to see all of you soon. :)

Tracey said...

your handspun is so lovely. can't wait to see it all in person. :)