Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frog Party and an EZ kick

I am continuing to indulge the desire for simple, quick-ish projects. Enter the perfect remedy, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Snail Hat (Rav link):

Snail Hat #1

First one is pink shetland/silk handspun. This yarn took several incarnations before I was able to figure out what it really wanted to be. I like the pattern a LOT (easy to memorize), but I was hoping it would turn out a little more pointy. So I did another one:

Snail Hat #2

This one is commercial yarn, leftovers from another project. They're both adorable, and I already have plans for a third from some leftover Tour de Fleece yarn.

Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill Handspun

On top of all this, two of my local knitting circles got together last Sunday for a Frog Party.

Frog Party Victims

We all brought in store-bought or hand knit sweaters and spent a few hours chatting, picking out seams, eating tasty pastries,

Frog Party Brunch

and winding the yarn into skeins. I'm very excited to get double the normal knitting enjoyment from this yarn!

Reclaimed Desert Aran Cotton

I knit this grey cotton into a cropped bolero a few years ago, but never wore it because it was a size too big. I'm very excited to re-knit it into a better size.

Reclaimed Silky Wool

Next up, dark grey Silky Wool that was originally knit into a sweater that was simply a poor design choice on my part. The garment never looked good on me, but I have a fair amount of yarn (it was long-sleeved and the bottom hem went past my hips) and several buttons. Perhaps this one?


Karyn said...

Aw. Sad face that I missed the party.

Tracey said...

that was a super fun and productive party! despite the vat of eggplant that i am still chewing my way through. can't wait for the next purl jam special event. :)