Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I spoke too soon!

So when I posted on Saturday, it had completely slipped my mind that the new issue of Twist Collective was coming out on Monday. It's another lip-smacker, full of the fabulous patterns and beautiful photos I've come to associate with this magazine. I have to say, no other print knitting magazine out there captures my interest as fully and consistently as Twist does. If it were a physical magazine, I'd subscribe in a heartbeat (and I don't subscribe to any other knitting or crafting magazines).

As for individual patterns, I love the Bernhardt sweater. I've also earmarked some Verb spinning fiber from my stash:

AVFKW Wooly Wonders Fiber Club Falklands
Verb Falklands Wool, "The Silent Undergrowth"

for Anne Hanson's Artichaut. I started spinning the singles last night, and man oh man does this stuff like to get skinny! It's the perfect color, all greeny gray, but not too much variation. I love artichokes, and the significant other suggested I try to work some purple in around the edge, so the scalloped edge looks like the inner leaves of an artichoke

And finally, there's Aphrodite. I've never seen a little shoulderette I like this much. It's like the universe heard my call for a summery, beaded shoulder covering and summoned up the perfect design (by Sivia Harding no less!) just for me. Okay, not really, but I'm a little amazed at the coincidence. I'm off to get the singles off the bobbins now. I'm sure I have at least enough for the small version, but I must know for certain. Anyone know a good place to get beads?

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