Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Remember those gloves?

The ones I talked about in this post? Well, for anyone who says that one needle size won't change your gauge that much, look ye upon disaster:

Brie Gloves comparison

All gloves are unblocked, and no that one on the end isn't flipping the bird. It doesn't even have a bird to flip, since I stumbled upon my error while knitting the index finger and never got around to the middle finger. From left to right, we have:

1. Left glove attempt #2

2. Right glove

3. Left glove attempt #1

So that's the difference between a US size 1 (2 mm) and a US size 2 (2.5 mm) for me. Placing everyone side by side, it seems obvious. The ribbing is a full inch shorter, the palm isn't nearly as wide. I guess it's easy enough to miss if you whip through the wrist portion very quickly and never get the other glove out to see how they compare. Also, since these are knit flat and seamed up later, it didn't really click that the left glove had a lot less ease than the right glove. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough yarn to make glove #2 #3 without having to rip back, which is good. I did make an effort to rip out the glove, but it would go for about 5 stitches then I'd have to tug so hard the yarn would break rather than undo the stitch. Mohair is like cement. But cuddlier. Before this fiasco, I was going to try and make myself finish these before casting on for my Halcyon, but now it gets to wait at the bottom of my project bag until I'm darn well ready to knit fiddly little fingers again. Which might be awhile, because I'm in love with that sweater.

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