Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School... (A short post)

So today was my first day of the new semester, but it wasn't my busiest day, so I'm not totally worn out. Yay! Enough energy to blog! I've been spinning a bit more, and wanted to share more converted stash with y'all.

Regulus Singles Closeup

First, we have the Falklands fiber from Girl on the Rocks, dyed in the Regulus colorway. I spun this yarn as a lower-twist singles, originally intending to ply the two bobbins together. But I realized that the colors would probably get a little muddy when plied, so I'm leaving them as they are. I think it'll make a cute hat, if I can only decide if I know anyone who really adores bright pink, yellow, and blue!

Regulus is a very bright start in the constellation Leo, sometimes called "The Heart of the Lion" based on its position in the constellation. It also happens to lie almost directly on the ecliptic (path of the Sun & other planets across the sky). Because it's one of the brightest stars in the sky, it is an important, named star in many cultures. I kinda bought this fiber because of the name, which is weird for me. I usually buy fiber for the amazing color, and while this is great color, it's not necessarily my thing. I am an absolute sucker for astronomy, and Girl on the Rocks does lots of colorways with astronomical names (see my falling down at the Verb booth when I found a merino/angora/silk blend called Supernova). It's going to be a bit of a problem for my wallet!

Speaking of A Verb for Keeping Warm, I am super-duper excited about their new fiber club. I've done one sock club, and I'm not hopeful about my chances for getting into the highly coveted Hello Yarn club. Now this is not to say that I consider Verb to be in second place, nor do I wish to imply that I'm merely settling for Verb or anything like that. Kristine and Adrian are both magicians with dyepots as far as I'm concerned! But I am really grateful that I can get into this club on the ground floor, because I think Verb is awesome and this club will get popular fast. I signed up for the Woolly Wonders option. :)

Anyway, this fiber club is one of the very few fiber (or yarn) purchases I'm allowing myself for awhile now. I have California Wool & Fiber, the opening of Urban Fauna Studios, Verb's birthday party, and Color to look forward to over the next two months, so I need to save up a bit!

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