Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friday in Ulm

So on Friday I went on my first (and most likely last) true solo day trip. I got to the train around 10, and it took about an hour to get to Ulm. I had intended to work on the Honeybee Stole, but I'm reading The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber and I got absorbed in it. It's really good. So good, I didn't actually knit AT ALL on the train! I'd recommend it for anyone who likes literature, New York, adventures happening to ordinary (or not-so-ordinary) people, making fun of the ivory tower, and/or cheesy suspense writing. I got into Ulm, which is pretty easy to navigate even without a map, because the town is dominated by the enormously tall Münster. I arrived around 12, missing a lunchtime organ music concert by minutes, and decided to explore the rest of the town before doing the Münster.

I bought some yarn from a fabulous local yarn shop called Heike Redlinghaus. The proprietress was exceedingly kind, and I found a very interesting yarn and some woven-ribbon labels. Ulm was pretty busy, it being a rather fine Friday afternoon.

Ulm Yarn Shop

So, one of the lessons the significant other and I have learned (or are still learning...) about travel is remembering to eat on time. We have a hard time choosing where to eat when we're out together (do all couples do this? or just us?), and by the time we've settled on a place, both of us have typically been famished for about an hour already and we're ready to cut someone. It was pretty funny, because I started getting hungry-cranky while in Ulm, but there was nobody to get cranky at except myself... it was a little weird. But I did finally eat lunch.

After lunch was the Alter Freidhof, or old cemetery. This was really more like a park with a few old gravestones than a cemetery. But it was fabulous, quiet, and very restful compared with the busy-feeling center of town.

Alter Freidhof Ulm

I saw maybe ten other people in the park (which was pretty big), and all were either walking or riding their bike swiftly on their way somewhere else. I stopped there for a few minutes after wandering around and just rested my feet.

Alter Freidhof Ulm

Another of the locations on my itinerary was the Rathaus, which was very colorful compared to the green-on-green of the cemetery park and the stone-on-stone of the Münster.

Ulm Rathaus

From the Rathaus, I found the Danube. I did not know that the Danube starts in Germany! There are little bits of split-off river that run through the town, creating some truly charming views with bridges as you get into a more shops-and-restaurants area.

Bridge over the Klein Danube in Ulm


By now it was about 3, and my train back was at 5, so I had nothing left but the church. It's pretty impressive. In fact, it's so impressive, I was apparently unable to capture the entire thing in one photo.

Ulm Münster

The steeple is supposed to be the tallest one in Europe, and I indeed shelled out 4.50 euros to climb to the top. But that's a story for a second post!

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janingalein said...

nice pix! i haven't been to ulm.

and no, you aren't the only one that forgets to eat. i do it too, too often. i try to keep an emergency granola bar stashed in case i can't decide on/find food.

and go you! with the solo travelling. i hope you give it another shot. i really like the trains.