Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm excited about starting three new things right now. First, on the spinning front: Yesterday was the first day of the 2011 Tour De Fleece, and although I didn't make a strong start, I have big plans for today and the rest of the tour. Here's my progress from Day #1:

TDF 2011 Day 1 Progress

I spun as much as I could yesterday morning before we had to leave for a wedding. I'm making up my TDF goals as I go along, and I might only get to this one.

Blake Fleece

The husbeast has been hinting that he'd like a sweater. It's a little bit funny because normally he never gets cold, but I think he'll need one if we ever end up on another camping trip like the last one. Since I've got more than 5 pounds of fiber in there, that will be plenty for a large man-sized sweater. Goal #1 is to spin as much of this fleece as I can before going crazy-bored out of my mind. If I have to, I'll sacrifice a bobbin or two for my sanity and spin some Hello Yarn fiber.

The second thing I'm excited about starting is exploring sewing. The quilt, as I hinted earlier, is finished:

Blue Owls Quilt

I hand-stitched the binding to the backside of the quilt during the drive to and from Yellowstone, and finished it up when we got home.

Blue Owls Quilt

It was a fabulous first project, and made me realize that several guidelines that I like to tell beginning knitters hold true for beginning seamstresses as well. A simple pattern executed with beautiful materials and solid tools will be far more pleasing than a project done with cheap tools or materials that you don't love. The simple rectangles were very forgiving when my cutting was less than perfect, and although the quilting lines tend to meander a bit, I can't resist running my hands over the smooth surface and smiling at the tiny owls on the underside of the fabric.

Blue Owls Quilt

We put the finished quilt on the bed immediately, and it hasn't come off since. I can hardly wait to make another one.

The third thing I'm super excited about starting is this:

Little Red in the City

The book arrived on Tuesday, and the yarn was formerly a very ill-fitting cardigan. I've read through about one-third of the introductory material, and I've already learned a great deal. I think the first sweater I'm going to swatch for will be Cria, the short-sleeved version.

What have you all started recently that you're excited about?


JainZaar said...

I have always loved simple things like that quite where you can enjoy it just as it is. you inspire me to jump back in with my machine.
oh, and I have started a blog, please don't tell any one yet. I am just trying it out.
R Ramus

Janice said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip to Yellowstone. Your quilt is lovely!

Kerryellen said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Great job!

Sparkling said...

I like the way you quilted that. I've never seen anyone use that type of quilting pattern and it's soooo precise!!