Monday, December 27, 2010

Obligatory Gift Roundup

This year's batch of knits, some already having flown their way to the four points of the compass:

A hat for my brother:

Fleeced Earflap Hat

A hat and mittens for his wife:

Trefoil Hat and Mittens

A scarf for my sister:

Slytherin Scarf

A hat for my sister (this is technically her birthday gift, but her birthday isn't for several weeks and I didn't see any point in her ears being cold in the meantime):

Beaumont Tam

Some fingerless mitts for a friend:

Veyla Mitts

And a blanket for my parents:

Lap Hap Blanket

Looking over the Ravelry statistics, I knit about half as many projects as I did last year and didn't spin nearly as much either. I was going to write another big retrospective post for the New Year but the numbers are a little depressing. I'm not sure what's up with the drop in productivity, but I'm going to think about it while I relax. I might have the solution for next year. For now, I'm going to give my wrists a rest and curl up with some tea and Sweater Quest for inspiration.


Janice said...

Perhaps planning a wedding cut into fiber time a bit?

The hat is awesome!

the Lady said...

Uhhh - you *did* get married, did you not? :-)

Sarah IS said...

Wow I think you knit A LOT. Great work - I love the tam especially.

wildtomato said...

Yeah, I agree with the others. Weddings take up more time and energy than you'd expect. Still, I think you knit a lot in 2010.

My library has Sweater Quest, so it's on my queue! Thanks for the tip. I've been looking for something to read.