Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just in Time For Fall!

Wayfarer Scarf

Wayfarer is complete, and I'm so glad that this time I managed to finish a seasonally-appropriate knit (unlike the past two springs, when I've been finishing a pair of lined mittens). I didn't finish it in time to wear on our trip north and east, to an area of the state that my brain has started calling "Inner California." Two amazingly generous relatives of the husbeast gave us some land as a wedding gift, and we took a weekend to go check it out. It's totally undeveloped, far away from everything, and very very cold in late October.

Property near Susanville

I brought Wayfarer with me to keep my lap warm in the car, and I made sure both of us had hats and hand coverings. I brought along my Noro scarf for my neck, and worried that I was overdoing things by packing both my Fiddlehead mittens and my Endpaper mitts. I ended up wearing the Fiddleheads on top of the Endpapers while we tramped around the property, it was so cold! It was very mentally relaxing to be out in the middle of nowhere. We saw a pretty cool snakeskin:

Property near Susanville

and admired the juniper trees:

Property near Susanville

and tried not to think too much about the temperature and how we're pretty big wusses when it comes to the cold. It was a really nice kick in the pants for holiday knitting, which should be awesome this year. Both my siblings have moved to climates colder than where they were living in last year, which means knits are extra-appropriate! It's pretty hard to top Minnesota, but my brother and his wife managed it somehow, and I'm not about to fail in my knitterly duties. The husbeast teases me for knitting and wearing lined mittens here in California, but at least I've never fooled myself into thinking it gets cold enough here for thrums. Now I have the perfect excuse.

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