Sunday, October 18, 2009

Market Day

Sometimes you just need a nice accessory to wear to the farmer's market.

Green Damson

A little something to keep the chill off your shoulders while picking out produce,

Green Damson

and in a lovely green color that reminds you of winter squash and carrot tops and flower stems

Green Damson

I was amazed when I looked back at my notes on Ravelry and realized that this shawl only took me about 8 days to knit. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy, in the Happy Forest colorway. Also, I came really close to not having enough yarn, I was sweating a little while doing the bind-off row. The sock yarn blocks very nicely, and I love the contrast in texture between the garter and stockinette portions of the shawl. Anyway, Damson and I had a great time this morning. I got up early, trying to get to the market within an hour of opening time, knowing I'd be rewarded by $5 bouquets of dahlias. I snagged one several weeks ago but haven't seen them since, probably because they are A) gorgeous B) a steal and C) the significant other and I are rarely out and about before 11AM on a Sunday morning. My plan worked:



I also succumbed to the color on this guy:

Squirrel and Pumpkin

It now feels like fall in our apartment.

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wildtomato said...

Damson is beautiful! Happy forest is one of my favorite colorways.