Saturday, January 24, 2009

Noro to the North

Note: none of the pictures in this post are accurate representations of the fabulousness that is Noro's colors. All photos were a) taken indoors at b)Midnight or 6 AM, and thus in c) a total lack of natural light.

Well guys, I did it.

Chair + Scarf + Midnight = Tired

It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.


I overestimated how far along I was when I posted yesterday. I thought I was closer to 3/4 done, when in fact I was only like 2/3 done. I was very tempted to skimp out there at the end. Around 10:45 PM, a small voice in my brain said, "You have such a tiny little ball of each color left... if you just bind off now, nobody else will ever miss those last four or five stripes." But the thing is, I knew I would miss them, and I would feel bad for having skimped on a gift for someone else. So here's what was left over at the end (besides a fabulously dark and broody scarf!):

What was left

Counterclockwise from the scissors we have: the scissors and yarn needle used to weave in the ends (there was no way I could leave the ends until this morning, although I considered that as well. But I wouldn't have been able to sleep.) Next, the little bits of yarn that got snipped off after the ends were woven in. Then, the leftovers of each color: that strand of black would not in fact have made two more rows, but only 1.5 more rows. I know because I knit it just to make sure, then ripped it back to bind off in the lighter color. I was a little surprised that there was this large of a difference in the yardages of the skeins, because there was very little difference (less than a yard) between the leftovers from my first scarf. Most of the knitting was done yesterday between 9:30 and midnight, because it is very difficult to blow off work for knitting when work primarily consists of preparing for and leading orientation meetings. I did, however, knit in the restaurant where we had dinner (the waitress never uttered a peep about it). I even got up with the significant other so I could say hello to the puppy he's traveling with (and by puppy I mean nearly-full-grown Neopolitan Mastiff named Grendel) and to snap a few farewell shots of the scarf, fulfilling its life-purpose by staving off the early morning chill.

Leaving for the Great White North

Doesn't he look intrepid? Or maybe just bleary-eyed...

Either way, I'll try to bug him for some action shots of the scarf in Canada for next week. In the meantime, I'm gonna try and find someplace that serves a decent breakfast here (i.e. not Denny's) at 7:30 in the morning.


wildtomato said...

You did it! I was rooting for you.

Kristine said...

Your scarf - now, his scarf, turned out awesome. The colors you chose are gorgeous. Love it. It looks great on him.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely, as always. plus Im looks quite dashing