Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally, an FO!

I have been needing a finished object like nobody's business lately, and then I surprised myself and got two. In the same day I finally had time to wash and block my Bronte's Mitts, and also finished up the toe on my second Wollmeise Pomatomus.

Forget-me-not Pomatomi

To recap, these are Cookie A.'s Pomatomus socks, done in Wollmeise 100% superwash sock yarn in the Vergißmeinnicht colorway. These socks were great to knit, the stitch pattern is very interesting. It's also crazy stretchy. These would make really nice knee socks, I don't know that you'd need to do a ton of calf shaping (something that scares the bejeezus out of my because of my rather... um... curvy calves). The socks look really skinny off my feet, but it's essentially all ribbed, hence the stretch:

Forget-me-not Pomatomi

The true color is somewhere between these two photos, I am struggling along with the old digital camera (poor thing runs off AA batteries!) and it isn't possible for me to set the white balance manually like on the broken one. The top one is too washed out, and the bottom one is too dark. Just like everyone else who's knit with Wollmeise, I am amazed at the yardage. I could probably make a third entire sock with my leftovers! I think next time I will go down a needle size to make socks with this yarn, because it's kinda stringy (Wollmeise 100% superwash is something crazy like an 8-ply) and I can feel the purl bumps on the bottom of my feet more than I usually like. The color, though, is truly fabulous, saturated and deep. I will probably try to do the Mermaid Fingerless Gloves with my leftovers.

So yesterday I had a little train trip in front of me, and started freaking out a bit because I'd cast off both of my travel-sized projects! Apparently my brain considers the Big Sur river no threat to my Honeybee stole, but the N-Judah line is right out. Then it hit me: THE MITERS! That's right folks, she's back to the blanket after letting it hibernate for about three months. It's been pretty hot here over the last two weeks, and cotton feels really nice compared to the fluffy, fuzzy, melty yak or the Malabrigo lace, which both get kind of sticky in my hands at these temperatures. I still have the pattern for the square memorized, I discovered. It was a little eerie, a little déjà-vu. I cast on a square that will be yellow with purple stripes, and I think this will become my travel knitting until I figure out some gift knitting. As the equinox approaches, I'm starting to think about Christmas and birthdays that are rapidly approaching, and there is at least one project I have in mind that needs knitting AND spinning before then.

And now I'm off to bake a pie, then get in a pool!

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